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On my way to the first collection, I had to face many questions about sustainability. Not only from other people, but especially questions I asked myself.

What does it actually mean when a garment is sustainable? Can you really calculate exactly how many CO2 emissions a garment causes? How transparent are the paths of the raw material to fabric production anyway? And then there is the big term "greenwashing".


I value transparency. That's why I would like to openly show you my thought processes and decisions. What is sustainable about sui. polewear, what not (yet)?

Nachhaltigkeit in der Entwicklung von sui. polewear
Nachhaltige Bikinis entwickeln

The fabrics of the workout clothes are made of ECONYL®. This fabric consists of 100% recycled nylon obtained from old fishing nets, carpets and fabric scraps. It is therefore considered particularly environmentally friendly.


For all other materials (elastic, buttons, labels, packaging, etc.), the more sustainable alternative is also chosen whenever possible. With some manufacturers, unfortunately, the minimum order quantity is much too high or the purchase price is currently not yet affordable for my small company.


In the future and with more financial possibilities, however, the sustainability of the clothing will always be in focus.

I chose a slightly different solution for the cups. Currently, there is no alternative made from fully sustainable materials on the market. The cover is made of a sustainable fabric, but the foam inside is not. Still, I want to give those who prefer to wear tops with cups this option.


The sustainability is found in the effective use: nothing is less sustainable than a product that you throw away without using. Therefore, the tops are always sold without cups. However, you can order cups as needed, and I will be happy to add them to your order in the appropriate size. So the post-consumer waste is kept as low as possible.


Do you have further questions about the sustainability of sui. polewear clothing? Feel free to contact me!

Nachhaltige Polewear mit oder ohne Cups
Faire Produktion in Portugal

Fair working conditions

The clothes of sui. are sewn in a selected production facility located in the north of Portugal. It guarantees fair working conditions according to ethical and ecological criteria. The provisions of international labor law are strictly observed. They pay more than the minimum wage in Portugal, there are also bonus payments and free transport to the workplace is organized. In addition, the production site pays attention to the sensible use of fabrics and materials, so that as little waste as possible is generated during production.

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