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Polewear for everyone who does and does not do pole dance

In order to practice the sport of pole dancing, you need direct body contact with the pole to have the necessary grip. This makes some demands on sportswear: it should be little covering, yet not revealing, supportive and not slipping.

Pole dancing demands sportswear that you can't easily find in a regular sports store. Unfortunately! Yet polewear has so much more to offer than simply being polewear. The skimpy cover paired with a processing that also withstands extreme movements lets you wear the clothes for sports as well as for leisure. Where, you ask? Here is a small selection:

  • On vacation as a unique bikini: Our polewear is produced from fabrics that are also used for swimwear.

  • At the gym as a sports bra: The tops provide enough support for all movements, both during yoga and weightlifting.

  • At the party as a fancy crop top: They also like to flash out when combined under an over-size sweater or blazer.

  • On the beach as a beach volleyball outfitThe crotch of the bottom is sewn wider than in the classic bikini, so that even with big movements everything stays where it should.

  • And so on: The possibilities are endless. What do you want to use your new polewear for?

Why sui.?

sui. polewear is a Swiss company based in Zurich. From there, your order is lovingly packed and shipped individually. The company is a project of the founder's heart and the products are based on her own experiences as a pole dancer. Read more about how the brand came to be here.


We do our best to produce our clothes as fair and sustainable as we can. Where we have to cut back, we communicate transparently. Read more about this under Sustainability & Fairness.

Die Entwicklung der Marke sui. polewear
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