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Die Gründerin von sui. polewear

"Many words describe what pole dancing has given me over the last few years. Through this sport I have developed myself away from a permanent head person back to a belly person. It has given me an awareness of my own body like I never had before.

Pole dancing forced me to look at myself in the mirror without a filter and no longer see love handles, dents and blemishes, but what my body can do: It can carry me, lift me, bend itself. I can rely on my body. And therefore also on my abilities.

This is the feeling I want to convey with my pole dance sportswear."


The founder

The genesis of sui. polewear

"OK, so. I've got an idea. And I've got to talk it out, with no guarantee that you'll ever hear about it again afterwards."

Those were the first words I said to my dear friend Mely at the dinner we had together in early 2022. And then I began to share. About my problem of not finding satisfying polewear on the Swiss online market, about my more-bad-than-right self-sewn workout dresses and my sketches I drew during a free night. And about my idea to create my own label.

And then it all came together in a flash. Google helped me with the simplest questions like "How do I set up a company?" and "What is a brand database?" and a few read books later I also had an idea of how clothing is made. With many helping hands, I had the first prototypes in front of me pretty much exactly one year later.

"Huh?! A year ago you were telling me about your (quote) "brain fart" and now you're already planning the launch of the first collection!"

Yes, it can happen that fast. A lot has happened in the first year of sui's life. And if you had told me in my first trial lesson in Mandy's pole studio (by the way, do you know the adorable Mandy from Mandy Candy's Pole Dance Studio already?) that I would soon have my own polewear label, I would have pulled my sports pants a little more over my thighs and I would have walked out of the studio with my bruised feet shaking my head and laughing.


I never even thought about starting my own company. Until I did it.

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